A Java HTTP[S]/FTP/BitTorrent partial downloader.


JPartialDownloader is a Java Program for downloading files using HTTP[S]/FTP/BitTorrent protocols. It support many features like resuming unfinished downloads and retrying. It also supports multi-connection HTTP[S]/FTP downloads. Anyone who needs downloading files using any of these protocols might find this program useful.

But what makes this program different from similar programs is that you can download any part of a file. Using partial downloading feature you can download large files in smaller pieces and later merge the pieces together to reconstruct the main file. This feature might be useful when you are low on disk space on your downloading computer or when you are interested only in a part of a file.

There are extra functionalities for BitTorrent downloads. Sometimes you want to download only some of the files of a multi-file torrent. With JPD you can select the files you want to be downloaded while adding the download. The program downloads the parts containing those files and afterwards extracts the wanted files from them.

Significant features :

Get Involeved!

If you want to contribute to JPD see the README.txt file in the distribution packages.


JPartialDownloader needs JDKTM 5.0 or newer to run. You can download it from

Feature Requests

You can submit your feature requests or bug reports by going to sourceforge project page. JPD development team aims to go where users want it to. If you have special needs or you'd rather the program was doing something else you can request it. We'll be glad to receive your bug reports and feature requests.


You can download the latest version of JPartialDownloader from sourceforge project page.


This program is under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License). Read COPYING file for more information about GPL license.